La Parapluie Rouge

La parapluie rouge, red umbrella, whippets christmas card casein painting 20s fashion plate style by ruth buchanan
From a casein painting by equestrian artist Ruth Buchanan.

Back to my illustration days for this design in the style of a 20s fashion plate, with whippets of course! The whippets are my dog, Scribble, and his lady friend, Yvonne Scale's Briek. Yvonne has a bespoke tweed business and the cape worn by the 'model' is actually the one she made for me. Yvonne's business is called 'La Fille Rouge' so I gave the model a red umbrella and titled this 'La Parapluie Rouge.

Card size: A5 artboard

Christmas greeting printed inside reads:
Have a Very Merry Christmas
& A Happy New Year

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